This month Remus James successfully defended his MSc on bird species distributions and community turnover in an intensively managed forest. He did an excellent job, in the field and in navigating difficult analyses with what seemed like a million intertwined variables. He’s an awesome birder and fantastic person too.

Migratory species are very tricky to conserve. Habitats must be protected in both breeding and non-breeding areas, and across their migratory pathways. Migratory species can also be difficult to monitor across their full annual cycle. Richard Schuster has led a paper that demonstrates a way to solve these problems. Using eBird citizen science data, we’ve […]

There are many reasons why governments like Canada’s should partner with Indigenous peoples on threatened species recovery. Cassie Hill’s thesis, published here, shows that the Canadian government needs to do a better job at this. There are some success stories, but regional and agency-specific patterns clearly indicate areas that need improvement. Here’s some media coverage […]