Forthcoming paper – flagship species in conservation

To address the global extinction crisis, both efficient use of existing conservation funding and new sources of funding are vital. Private sponsorship of charismatic ‘flagship’ species conservation represents an important source of new funding, but has been criticized as being biased and inefficient. In this study, we clearly show that private funding for flagships can often result in additional species saved from extinction, via conservation actions that are shared among species. By integrating sponsorship for flagships into more objective approaches that maximize shared benefits, and by using flagships to generate additional resources, more species can be saved from extinction. Here’s a copy of the accepted version of the paper, forthcoming in Proceedings of the Royal Society – B: bennett maloney possingham flagship species conservation – accepted


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  1. Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon SAMSUNG · · Reply

    All of us at SAMSUNG care about animals and conservation! In 2016 we are looking forward to a One Million Dollar donation to the Heart of Borneo! SAMSUNG digital city wants to give back to Borneo! We sat around the board room table brainstorming conservation related issues! Borneo kept coming up! We are going to go for it and make the big donation to Borneo!

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