Bennett Lab

Advice for prospective international grad students


I get inquiries from prospective international students several times a week. Often, these are from very smart and well-qualified people who would easily have obtained a grad position at a university had they been citizens of Canada. This is an unfortunate situation.

There are some very real barriers to international students, especially those from outside USA, Europe, Australia, China and Japan. International grad studies tuition at CU is high (currently around $25,000 per year), which is often out of reach for most supervisors to afford. For non-English-speaking countries, there can also be difficulties in comparing academic records. I wish things were easier and more transparent. On the other hand, there is also hope for very good students who can demonstrate scholarship, leadership and scientific achievement.  We’re fortunate that at CU we have some scholarships available to top students who can bring something special to our school.

Hopefully this post will help those seeking to work in my lab (and in other groups in Canada) to decide what path is best and to navigate the system. I’ll divide the advice into two parts: 1) general advice, and 2) scholarships.

General advice: