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Grad student positions open

We’re currently accepting inquires for grad student positions. Please see Opportunities section for details. Inquires are welcome from both Canadian and international students. Advertisements

Advice for prospective international grad students

I get inquiries from prospective international students several times a week. Often, these are from very smart and well-qualified people who would easily have obtained a grad position at a university had they been citizens of Canada. This is an unfortunate situation. There are some very real barriers to international students, especially those from outside […]

The stories we tell ourselves: predicting invasion lags

Lags between arrival and expansion of invasive species have long been recognized. In some cases, invasive species may remain uncommon for many years before their populations explode. Many biological and management causes for breaking invasion lags have been invoked. Our new paper (free to read version here) models a simple system where we create a […]