Ideas, opinions etc.

This is where we’ll periodically post ideas and opinions that are vaguely related to my research, or to science in general.

Advice for prospective international students

Some general advice for international grad students interested in working in this – or another – lab: advice for international students

How to make a great poster

Slides from a session led by Emily, Meagan and Elizabeth on how to make a conference poster that will attract attention. howtocreateagreatacademicposter

How to write a paper that will get published and cited

Slides from the AM session (led by Lenore Fahrig) of a workshop she and I do on writing/publishing a paper. Lots of great information here! lenore-fahrig-how-to-write-a-paper

Navigating the publication process

Slides from the afternoon session (led by me) of a workshop Lenore Fahrig and I do on writing/publishing a paper joe-bennett-navigating-the-publication-process

How to make the most of conferences

My co-supervised PhD student Tal Polak on how to help make connections at conferences – by volunteering: Help others, and help your career.

Benefits of flagship species

An article for Decision Point on the potential benefits of private sponsorship of flagship species conservation: Making the most of flagship species.

Adding up the invasion debt

An article for Decision Point on predicting which exotic plants may become invasive: Adding up the invasion debt

Surviving your PhD – by Kiran Dhanjal-Adams

I really liked this guide written by Kiran (from our research group) on how to survive your PhD.

Species numbers versus phylogenetic diversity

An article in Decision Point on balancing phylogenetic and species-based goals in conservation: Species numbers and phylogenetic diversity.


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