Lags between arrival and expansion of invasive species have long been recognized. In some cases, invasive species may remain uncommon for many years before their populations explode. Many biological and management causes for breaking invasion lags have been invoked. Our new paper (free to read version here) models a simple system where we create a […]

Systematic decision-making is increasingly being used in conservation, but uptake is still slow. One of the reasons for this is the bewildering array of tools, many of which can seem complicated to a new user. In our new paper in Conservation Letters, we try to make the choice of decision-making tool easier. We recommend using […]

This year we have three new students joining the group. Willow English is supervised mostly by Paul Smith, but will be joining the group as much as possible. Katia McKercher is co-supervised by Jesse Vermaire,  Clark Bollinger is doing his Honours in Environmental Science. See people for more details.