Two big questions in biological monitoring programs are: 1) How many samples should I take; and 2) How many organisms should I count per sample? Using a diatom-based case study with realistic costs for sampling, environmental analysis and enumeration, we provide a method for determining the most cost-effective sample configuration. For diatoms, the optimal sample […]

The term ‘beta diversity’ is surprisingly nebulous. According to its original definition by Whittaker, beta diversity refers to the variation in species composition along environmental or spatial gradients. But through the years there has been debate regarding the precise definition of the term, and even more debate about how to measure it. In our new […]

2015 was a big year, especially in conservation modeling. The following papers taught me a lot, and will certainly influence my lab’s work: 1) Canessa et al., “When do we need more data? A primer on calculating the value of information for applied ecologists”, in Methods In Ecology and Evolution. This is the most thorough and intuitive […]