NACCB was a really fun conference. Richard gave a talk and co-organized a symposium; Jenny, Calla and Joe gave talks; Cassie and Hanna presented posters. Plus, Hanna got the award for the best student poster with a conservation theme. Congratulations, Hanna! And thanks to Calla for taking this award photo.   Advertisements

Calla Raymond successfully defended her MSc recently. She did a fantastic job on her thesis and defence. Her thesis showed very clearly that it’s important to do value of information (VOI) analysis before implementing a monitoring program for protected area allocation.

There’s been a lot of good news lately. Jenny McCune (website here) has recently accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at the University of Lethbridge Department of Biological Sciences. She will make a fantastic professor. Cassie Hill recently successfully defended her MSc. She did an excellent job at the thesis and defense, and her work […]