De-extinction is an exciting prospect, and we’re getting closer and closer to realizing it. We may soon be able to look a mammoth in the eye. But given that we’re losing hundreds or thousands of species a year, is de-extinction a good use of resources? Our analysis using datasets of extinct and living threatened species […]

Conservation decisions are often made based on limited evidence. In Canada, the vast and diverse territory and complex legal framework regarding resource management, mean that decision-making can be particularly challenging. Systematic approaches, including¬†systematic reviews, can help to reduce knowledge gaps and improve decision-making. Our paper (link here) suggests some ways in which such approaches can […]

Two big questions in biological monitoring programs are: 1) How many samples should I take; and 2) How many organisms should I count per sample? Using a diatom-based case study with realistic costs for sampling, environmental analysis and enumeration, we provide a method for determining the most cost-effective sample configuration. For diatoms, the optimal sample […]